Top Innovative Online Marketing Agencies


Virtual Marketing has changed everything ever since its inception. It all started when the Internet stepped foot into our lives and made everything from eating to wearing—digital. Now, even businesses are going digital with the help of an Online Marketing Business. From small businesses to large businesses, everyone is in on it and is using any possible digital marketing strategy to garner as many potential clients as they can. They know future of marketing is through online marketing.

Nowadays, we all know behind every successful digital campaign of a Business is a marketing agency. This has all been possible because of the Internet, and its all-important role in the lives of people. Even Marketing Agencies have evolved from traditional ways like printing banners, running ads on TVs, and posting ads in newspapers to Internet marketing ways.

No matter how Marketing is done with the help of an Online Marketing Business, they all bring their own aesthetics and flairs into building a Business’s reputation and helping them garner fresh long-lasting customers.

Following are the 3 top online marketing agencies:

  1. Breakfast

Breakfast found its first breakthrough when they helped the famous host Conan O’Brien to market his debut on TBS. The plan was to run the blimp in the air for a month. But, Breakfast’s team hacked the blimp and made it run for more than a month, thus helping Conan garner a huge buzz before his debut on TBS. This changed Conan’s career, considerably and Conan is grateful for Breakfast that they hacked the blimp and helped him become the star host that he is.

Breakfast is a marketing agency, it has helped people, celebs, and huge companies in getting leads and turning them into paying customers. Their main goal is to connect the physical world to the online world.

  1. Huge

Huge has been a leader for almost 20 years. Brands like Ikea, iVillage, JetBlue have come to Huge in order to get them the same exposure that they gave Pepsi in 2010. In 2010, Huge started the PRP which stands for Pepsi Refresh Project, which took the marketing world by storm. It was the most watched internet campaign of Super Bowl ever, and it completely changed how people looked at Pepsi—people really thought a can of soda could change the world.

  1. Razorfish

After Mercedes-Benz was deemed old and out of touch by competitors, Mercedes-Benz asked Razorfish to help them get back the reputation they had lost. Razorfish started a digital campaign called “Tweet Race”—it was like any other regular race, but the catch was that a team could use as much gas as the volume of tweets it received. It was lead by celebs who acted as online coaches to get the volume of tweets as high as possible for each team, respectively. The viral campaign received more than 100,000 tweets from more than 20,000 Social Media users.

This campaign elevated Razorfish in becoming a top Online Marketing Business that used out-of-the-box Online Marketing strategies to help companies like Mercedez-Benz get its lost reputation back.